Dehnal Oudh Perfumes

Dehnal Oudh Perfumes Oils Pure Premium Exclusive

Exclusive Dehnal Oudh perfumes are of the greatest level of quality.

These types of Oudhs are also wonderful as a present to somebody who enjoys Oud or for 

personal usage.

Please be aware that not everyone loves the Agarwood scent as it is 

generally an attained preference.

Therefore make certain, that the gift receiving person likes Oudh perfumes, prior to gifting them. 

There are different qualities of Oudh perfume oils.

A quick word about the different qualities of Oudh. Throughout the world of the Oudh community, thickness is viewed as a indication of quality. Similarly darkness in the colour.

Yet it is easy to create thick Oudh oils simply by leaving them uncovered exposed to the open air for several weeks, a few months or even years. But the result after this procedure is  oxidized Oudh oil. Regarding the colouration, you can change any Oudh dark by doing a small modification to the condenser. All in all neither of the two thickness nor darkness means the Oudh oil is of high quality.