What Makes A Man A Man? What Are Male Fragrances?

Men's Perfume – What Makes A Man A Man?  

Which characteristics make perfumes masculine? How do they get classified? 

How we categorise perfume depends on the taste of the time and the personal preferences of the individual. Tastes are different, perfume fashions change, and scents are perceived differently by everyone. Nevertheless, it can be useful to label perfumes as either male or female.

Let us check on the facts of the masculine perfume, and find out what precisely the characteristics of male scents are.

If you have come here to find out more about male perfume and which ones are the best, you have come to the right place.

Perfumes For Men - Characterizing The Scent 

So what makes a man's perfume? Are there typical fragrances that the majority of people consider to be masculine? It is an interesting question, and not an easy one to answer.

Best Perfumes For Men

Apart from cultural exceptions and personal preferences, most perfumes that are labelled as masculine have one of the following characteristics.

    • Fresh, green scents, often found in citrus perfumes.
    • Features bold, strong, metallic, animal, musk, earthy or woody fragrances.
    • Contain sometimes sensual and romantic scents which attract the opposite sex. 
But in the end, there is not a clear definition of male perfumes. They are ultimately this kind of scent that makes you think when you smell it: "Typically masculine".

Often Used Ingredients

As we have already established, there are no fixed, irrefutable rules as to how a men's perfume should smell. However, some typical ingredients are very often used in bestselling men's fragrances.

  • Citrus - Citrus fruits are by far the most commonly used fruits in male fragrances. Bergamot, which features a tangy, slightly bitter-fresh aroma, is a well-known member of the citrus group. Lemons, oranges and limes are also often used. Citrus scents are mainly found in the top note. They spread bright freshness and are often combined with herbs or fresh, spicy flowers like lavender. A small hint should not be missing here. Citrus fragrances, unfortunately, do not last long, their durability is far inferior to that of woody fragrance ingredients. This fact is another reason why they almost always appear only in the top note, which does not need to last long. Pure citrus perfumes need to be sprayed on more often.

Citrus Perfumes For Men

  • Herbs - In recent years, there has been a revival regarding the use of herbs in perfumes. They are used more often, and myrtle, juniper, thyme are in fashion again. Herbs provide cooling notes and clarity, add depth and spiciness to a perfume. They are ideally suited to create a balance in the scent or to give it that certain something.

Herbs used in fragrances for men

  • Spices - Spices are prevalent in men' perfumes. Some spices like pepper get used a lot in fragrances today. Fresh, bright scents often have peppery scents. Cinnamon is another spicy ingredient which goes very well in warm, woody aromas. Tonka and vanilla mustn't be missing from our list. They are both typical base notes, adding depth and complexity and counterbalance fresher, brighter notes.

Spices used in masculine perfumes

  • Woods - Woods offers a wide range of different fragrances. There is the soft sandalwood that looks harmonious, light and light. We often find cedarwood in the base note of bright, fresh scents. Oudh has become a real trend in recent years. Traditionally, Oudh perfume is relatively heavy, dark and woody. Opinions differ on these perfumes; critics often criticise the harsh, medicinal fragrance. A good Oudh perfume is exceptionally versatile, and Oudh lovers cannot get enough of their Oudh fragrances. In the meantime, Oudh has become a real trend and is often used in oriental-inspired perfumes. These perfumes are also wearable for those who cannot get the traditional Oudh perfume. 

Wood fragrances used in men's perfumes

And what's the best men's perfume?

This question is an impossible one to answer as opinions on perfumes are personal and depends on your taste. However, we can recommend browsing our selection of some of our perfumes and designer inspired fragrances. 

Perfume Sprays For Men - Designer Inspired

Perfume Oil For Men 


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