Proper Storage For Your Fragrances

Perhaps one of the most popular FAQs is 'What's the best way to store my perfumes?'.

Proper Storage For Perfume How To Store Fragrances

To guarantee the best shelf life for your precious perfumes, we will answer this urgent question here.

1. The expiry date

The time frame in which your fragrance starts to diminish actually commences with the opening of the perfume.

It's the supply of air(oxygen) to the perfume that creates the steady degeneration of an fragrance, i.e. whenever a perfume bottle is exposed to air or an atomizer is pumped for the first time.

However, if you store your perfumes carefully, you can extend the life span of your perfumes.

2. Scent molecules don't like light and temperature fluctuations

Your perfumes should be stored upright and preferably in their original packaging. The contact with light over an extended time frame will definitely lead to a deterioration in the grade of your fragrances. Additionally it is a good notion never to buy perfumes that are on screen in the shop screen when you are shopping perfumes.

Store your fragrances in a nice box, a dark cupboard or in a drawer. As beautiful and ornamental as your perfume bottles may look on a dresser or windowsill, light in every its varieties (especially sunlight) is the enemy NUMBER 1!


Even though it's really convenient, perfumes shouldn't be stored in the lavatory. Extreme temperature fluctuations will ruin your scents quickly and their the quality decreases quickly.

Each and every time you or someone of your loved ones showers or taking a hot bath, the temperature and humidity in the room rise enormously just within minutes and then quickly fall again. This temperature fluctuation destroys the molecular integrity of your perfumes and sours them quickly.

Take care not to store perfumes in other areas where extreme temperature fluctuations might occur too, such as in cars.

Some fragrances have a longer shelf life than others, so are there no absolute guarantees as it pertains to storing your perfumes. However, by pursuing both of these simple guidelines, you can enjoy your perfumes for much longer without diminishing quality.

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