Oriental Perfumes - Attar

Oriental Perfume - In Arabic and south Asian countries the use of perfume - Attar - is widespread among men and women and looks back on a long tradition. Historically documented are 4000-year-old trade routes for perfumes and perfume oils in Arabia.

Since Islam regards alcohol as impure, most sprays, deodorants etc. offered in Europe and other western countries are not allowed for a believing Muslim according to some scholars.

However, other interpretations allow the use of perfumes with alcohol, as long as the alcohol is not derived from Khamr (intoxicating alcohol, e.g. from the fermentation of fruits or vegetables).

In Arab and Asian countries, nevertheless, a wide variety of different perfume oils, perfume creams and perfume stones are produced that do not contain alcohol.

Perfume without alcohol is particularly suitable for summer because it does not irritate the skin as much as perfume containing alcohol.

The scent of oriental perfume oils ranges from slightly refreshing to very sweet. There is something for every taste.

The quality of the oils is naturally reflected in the price. Real essential oils are very expensive even in the pure extraction; you have to pay the appropriate price for a high quality pure perfume oil. However, this is the same with perfumes from the big perfumes houses.

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