• How To Use Concentrated, Arabic Attar Perfume Oil?

    How To Use Concentrated, Arabic Attar Perfume Oil?
    What is the best way to use concentrated perfume oil? Concentrated perfume oils or attar perfume don't contain any alcohol. They are therefore much stronger than the Eau de perfume or Eau de toilettes we are used to. Please use perfume oil carefully to avoid an overwhelming, unpleasant result. Mostly just a few drops of the concentrated perfume oil are enough for a pleasant smelling...
  • Oriental Perfumes - Attar

    Oriental Perfumes - Attar
    Oriental Perfume - In Arabic and south Asian countries the use of perfume - Attar - is widespread among men and women and looks back on a long tradition. Historically documented are 4000-year-old trade routes for perfumes and perfume oils in Arabia. Since Islam regards alcohol as impure, most sprays, deodorants etc. offered in Europe and other western countries are not allowed for a...
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